Ethereal Gaming introduces its Multiplayer Engine

Ethereal Gaming Technologies are poised to be the more efficient, flexible and powerful within the RGS environment. After proving itself when it comes to performance by providing unbeaten networking metrics and infrastructure requirements combined with unparalleled contention-free architectural designs it is now time to introduce our iGaming Multiplayer Engine.

The future features provided by the Multiplayer Engine are endless. Ethereal Gaming Technology will supply game providers and operators with the foundations to create any kind of multiplayer experience, from rooms, chats and event feeds to in-game feature sharing capabilities, all while maintaining the flexibility, performance and ease of use that characterizes the brand.

"It started as this ideal technology fantasy which on paper looked incredible, too good to be true but... well, we did it!, I honestly think the design we have supporting our technology is going to shape the future, mark a before and after in the iGaming industry"

"The Multiplayer Engine allows not only to turn any existing, single player game into a social, multiplayer experience, but it goes a step further by providing the base technology to create any existing or non existing multiplayer feature. As everything Ethereal, the limit is the imagination, never the technology. Best thing is, we are just getting started"


Ethereal Gaming, founded in 2023 by industry veterans, is a pioneering tech-centric company dedicated to delivering top-tier technology solutions to its partners. Focused on the online casino space, Ethereal Gaming offers a diverse range of innovative products.