Deploy your RGS

Enjoy from an up-to-date RGS on your own infrastructures without the hassle of owning the code.

What’s included

Get in contact with us so we can tailor this solution to meet your needs!


    Full featured backoffice

    Centralized control to manage the RGS efficiently.

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    Full stack GDK

    Quickly build casino games with our game development kit, fully compatible with our RGS and all its functionality.

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    API Integrations with major players

    Connect instantly with tons of operators.


    Create, update and configure easily as many promotions as you need

    Continous improvement

    Get up to date with all the improvements that we do to our RGS

    Open to suggestions

    Is there something to think is missing? Talk with us! We're always on the search of new features to include in our RGS to make it more compatible with everyone