Betfounders, a formidable player in the African gaming market, has entered into an exciting collaboration with Ethereal Gaming, the tech-savvy newcomers set to redefine online gaming. This strategic alliance heralds the dawn of an exclusive gaming experience meticulously tailored for the African gaming community.

Ethereal Gaming, a recently launched enterprise by industry stalwarts in 2023, places technological innovation at the heart of its operations. Committed to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to its partners, Ethereal Gaming boasts a diverse array of products in the online casino sphere, promising to reshape the gaming landscape.

Betfounders, an esteemed online casino software company established in 2020, recognized the potential of Ethereal Gaming’s unique approach. The result? A bespoke gaming masterpiece that’s poised to strike a chord with African gamers, marking the integration of Ethereal Gaming’s Remote Gaming Server (RGS) into the Betfounders platform.

"In the short time since our inception, securing Betfounders as our inaugural client is nothing short of remarkable. Betfounders holds sway as a dominant player in specific African markets, and our collaboration has yielded a bespoke gaming experience we believe will enrapture gamers throughout the continent. Furthermore, this partnership opens the door for us to showcase our gaming creations on their platforms."

Betfounders, equally thrilled about this collaboration, eagerly anticipates a bright future. Their dedication to enhancing the gaming experience through seamless integration and unique offerings aligns perfectly with Ethereal Gaming’s vision.

As we embark on this historic journey into the dynamic African gaming market, Ethereal Gaming and Betfounders invite you to witness a gaming revolution like no other. Together, we are poised to shape the future of online gaming in Africa.


Ethereal Gaming, founded in 2023 by industry veterans, is a pioneering tech-centric company dedicated to delivering top-tier technology solutions to its partners. Focused on the online casino space, Ethereal Gaming offers a diverse range of innovative products.

Betfounders, established in 2020, is a renowned online casino software company recognized for its excellence in tvhe gaming industry. With a strong emphasis on the African gaming market, Betfounders offers seamless integration, diverse payment platforms, user activity tracking, enhanced security measures, and a thriving affiliate system.